PSYCHONAUT 75 - Stealing the Fire from Heaven

PSYCHONAUT 75 - Stealing the Fire from Heaven
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label: Memento Mori / Dark Vinyl 2002; VALEFOR sideprojekt,  file: rythmischer devil dance... mehr
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label: Memento Mori / Dark Vinyl 2002; VALEFOR sideprojekt,  file: rythmischer devil dance industrial ; feat. Dana Dark (NYTHRA);

The debut of Psychonaut 75 as the line up being Dana Dark , Michael Ford , Davcina and Tommie Vain . This album also features the dark approach to the musick of the band , invoking the demonic and angelic within the same recording . This is a concept based on Phosphorus , Lucifer and is a puzzle that is devoted to a Black Flame inspired self-alchemy. Called devil-dance by some, this recording devoted to the extremes of rhythm and bleak lunar soundscapes will captivate and awaken something within the listener . Psychonaut 75 is the most recent incarnation of the ever-evolving monicker, under which gathered a quartet of musicians pushing the limits of gray magick muzak into new and previously unexplored depths. Psychonaut 75 is described as a Luciferian dark industrial - ritualistic - demonic - dance band, a manifestation of the Left Hand Path that seeks the development of the Black Flame within the listener. In 2001 the illustrious model and DJ Dana Dark and Tommie Vain joined Psychonaut and a Coven of oddly four individuals was formed, based on an equal sisterhood/brotherhood in Lucifer and the path of Dark Sabbatic Witchcraft and Chaos Magick. 75 was added as it is the Qabalistic number of Lucifer, the Morning Star. The band recorded the new album Stealing the Fire from Heaven : a demonic sound, added with heavy dance rhythms and ritualistic atmospheres with the layered sound of Dana and Michael playing human bones to evoke the shadows of the dead. The bands first live ritual, which took place on June 14th, 2001 was a Goetic ritual dedication to the evocation of Lucifer and the fallen angels, for each member to become a vessel for the archetype of the Morning Star, so that they may bring forth the dark spirits of the subconscious into flesh through musick. The ritual was climaxed with Dana and Michael pouring blood on their selves while using wands made of Human Bones to evoke the serpentine force of Phosphorus, the bringer of wisdom. The purpose of the Musick of Psychonaut 75 / Valefor is to activate resurgent atavisms within the subconscious, allowing the latent powers of the mind to surge forth and become essentially a useful tool for the awakened individual. One who is receptive to Sonic Black Magick will find their selves inspired, charged and full of creative energy. This energy is associated with Lycanthropy and such brainwave resonators from the Gamma Frequency associated with extreme alertness. Psychonaut 75 is a band, which focuses on the ability to create diverse, and varied areas of musick, manifesting various tones and sounds associated with PHI brainwave patterns. Through the styles of rhythm driven electronic musick, the atmosphere of hybrid instruments as human bones and disembodied samples, Psychonaut 75 intends to allow the listener to access the areas of the brain which stimulate response based on Magick principles, the utmost Angelic worlds with the most demonic worlds. This is the Luciferian Principle of Shadowing forth the gates of mastery through Musick. This is possible through the ongoing development of the use of Binaural Beat Frequencies to stimulate certain brainwave activity. Psychonaut 75, even with its project Valefor , remains a band focused on producing positive results in the listener. The darkness or demonic essence of the musick is only fearful for those unawake to themselves. The band pursues an avenue of what they call * Luciferian Awakening * to in fact create * gate * within the listener for the forces they evoke. The musick of the band is closely connected with their Luciferian * Order of Phosphorus * , a Chaos Magick order based on individual excellence.

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