MELEK-THA - The Decimation World

MELEK-THA - The Decimation World
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label: Dark Vinyl, 2006, file: Symphonic Black Industrial 9 v. 10 Punkten im ORKUS 4/2006:... mehr
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label: Dark Vinyl, 2006, file: Symphonic Black Industrial

9 v. 10 Punkten im ORKUS 4/2006: "..THE DECIMATION WORLD ist kein weiteres infernalisches Höllen-Noise Theater der makabren Sorte, sondern ein dunkel verbranntes Death-Ambient Szenario, mit welchem Lord Evil zu seinen Wurzeln zurückkehrt und seinem bitterbösen Debütabschaum ASTRUM ARGENTINUM einen Bruder beschert...." once again the apocalyptic war machine is back ....with more supreme symphonic & occult death music .... more memorable destructive rhythmns and entangled mentally insane orchestrations... BUT this time with more concentration on his industrial roots , means pure impressing industrial power in combination with apocalyptic black doom.

review GOTHTRONIC (February 2006): "Melek-Tha is a French noise project, started by a guy who calls himself Lord Evil. A lot of experiments and samples are being used to create loud, hectic and apocalyptic tracks. Early in his career, he surprises friend, enemy and even himself, when his first creations are released on a French metal label. In 1998 he got a deal on Cold Spring Records, home to Archon Satani, Merzbow, Nordvargr and Psychic TV. ?The Decimation World? is released by the Dark Vinyl label. "The Decimation World" is a true concept album. In three acts we are presented with "The Arrival", "The Decimation World" and "Our Destiny". The first two acts contain three tracks, the third act only one. The music we get to listen to is well done and heavy noise alternated by long spun out dark ambient pieces. Opening song ?Prometheus Absolution? and also ?Symposium Terror? rage on perfectly and are interesting to listen to. ?Atrox The War Machine? has a slower tempo and is therefore less convincing and too long. The last thumping track is ?The Great Kommander?. This one does have a nice effect, due to the insane sirens. The three ambient/drone songs are heavily spun out ? all last over ten minutes ? but Lord Evil knows how to keep the attention. I think this is a very well worked out album: I really appreciate noise concept albums and Melek-Tha has paid much attention to his ideas. The artwork is also very fitting and convincing. "

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