PSYCHONAUT 75 - Hellmachine

PSYCHONAUT 75 - Hellmachine
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Michael Ford (VALEFOR ; BLACK FUNERAL) ; file: Ritual Ambient / Industrial ; label: Memento Mori... mehr
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Michael Ford (VALEFOR ; BLACK FUNERAL) ; file: Ritual Ambient / Industrial ; label: Memento Mori / Dark Vinyl  2005;

dynamische Verschmelzung zwischen Post-Apokalyptischem Ritual Ambient und Pumpenden Industrial Beats ; Psychonaut 75 has returned with "Hellmachine", an electro-industrial exploration of the imagery of the Adversary and the union of technology and apocalyptic desire. "Hellmachine" explores various elements of dark electronic music, aggressive and pounding beats blending with Arabic music arrangements, voices and human bones recorded within the music. "Hellmachine" is indeed a new type of ritual, but a journey into the modern apocalyptic depths of our collective psyche. 11 new tracks recorded with Michael Ford, Lux Ferro and Dana Dark. " One of the first of the Atmospheric releases comes from Houston, TX based Psychonaut75. The bands self-expressed aim is to create soundtracks for magickal rituals, and their darkwave-inspired music accomplishes their aim. Unfortunately, not all the other atmospheric releases were as excellent as this one... " INDUSTRIAL NATION MAGAZINE MUSIC NON-STOP-UK called 75 "Sensational, Essential" and described their music as "Heavy dance rhythms and ritualistic atmospheres forge with the layered sound of pumping, ritualistic electro. Burning, black hearted Industrial " Psychonaut 75 is an industrial ? electronic band which blends ritualism with a post-apocalyptic and world of steel, machinery and the chaos invoked by humanity. P75 is not merely a band but an every evolving concept of presenting a positive yet nightmare filled expression of the Left Hand Path. To be clear, the band is not intending negativity but views elements of Luciferian and Satanic concepts to be positive self-empowering aspects dormant in the psyche of humanity . " " Psychonaut 75 is making their name known internationally as a band of extremes, of change and varied musical styles. Psychonaut 75 has been labeled as "Satanic Darkwave" by some, "Dark Industrial" and "Ritual" by others, 75 is emerging as a band which is willing to become something 'other' than music, but yet fully enjoyable for those interested not in occultism, but dark electronic music. The live ritual performances of Michael Ford (vocals/electronics), Dana Dark (vocals/electronics) and Lux Ferro (vocals/rhythm programming) are a sight which fully encircles the music and listener together. The band is known for visually disturbing, intense ritualistic and focused Live Ritual Invocations, where shows are not just songs being performed but the invocations are being actually practiced. Inspired musically by the German-industrial-electro bands of the 80's and 90's, with the ritual music ambience of the late 80's. The Music of Psychonaut 75 has evolved from ritual ambience to now industrial ? electronic EBM songs, blended with ambience of the ancient world, PHI Binaural Brainwave generators and human bones. By this Psychonaut 75 challenges the borders of conventional music, to invoke a beast which has the extremes of beat driven dance songs which coil with ritual ambience. Psychonaut 75 unites tribal sorcery and magical focus with post apocalyptic imagery. The musick of 75 bludgeons the mind with a sonic attack which leads the mind into a chaos storm of industrial beat driven electronics and darkwave ambience " .

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