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Comeback Album von GITANE DEMONE, feat. Rikk Agnew (Christian Death/Adolescents); label: Dark... mehr
Produktinformationen "GITANE DEMONE QUARTET - Past The Sun"

Comeback Album von GITANE DEMONE, feat. Rikk Agnew (Christian Death/Adolescents); label: Dark Vinyl, February 2017

Lineup: Gitane DeMone (Christian Death, The Crystelles) / Rikk Agnew (Social Distortion, Adolescents, Christian Death) / Paul Roessler (The Screamers, 45Grave, Nina Hagen Band) / Deb Venom (Aunty Trust)

Track List: Man-Made God / Past The Sun / Circle ov Air / Standard Upright / Lorca / Eva Braun / Honest Cum / Ghostrider ( a hommage to SUICIDE/ Martin Rev & Alan Vega)

Review BLACK Magazin/ Dez.2016:"....ein Hammer-Comeback..... Dazu hat sie für ihr GITANE DEMONE QUARTET bekannte Veteranen des Death Rock um sich geschart, die im einzelnen Rikk Agnew (SOCIAL DISTORTION, ADOLESCENTS, CHRISTIAN DEATH), Paul Roessler (THE SCREAMERS, 45GRAVE, NINA HAGEN BAND) und Deb Venom (AUNTY TRUST) sind. Zusammen haben sie ein äußerst dichtes wie intensives Album namens „Past The Sun“ eingespielt, welches neben 5 eigenen Songs auch noch drei Wahnsinns-Cover-Versionen enthält. So interpretiert man „Lorca“ von Tim Buckley, „Eva Braun“ von THE SCREAMERS und SUICIDES „Ghostriders“ in Gedenken an den in diesem Jahr gestorbenen Alan Vega. Insbesondere „Eva Braun“ entpuppt sich dabei als schier endlos manisch-hämmerndes Mantra von einer fiebrigen Härte, die ich Gitane Demone so gar nicht mehr zugetraut hätte. Doch auch die eigenen Kompositionen wissen zu überzeugen und in den zumeist recht sperrig-ausladenden Songs vermischen sich eingängige Passagen mit ebenso disharmonischen Phasen. Neben dem natürlich nicht zu verleugnenden Death Gothic-Fundament, speisen die insgesamt 8 Songs ihre Energie auch durch Punk-, Noise Rock- und sogar Jazz-Einflüsse, was „Past The Sun“ zu einer abwechslungsreichen Angelegenheit machen. Ein Album wie im Drogenrausch..... (Marco Fiebag)

Review PUNK GLOBE / January 2017: "A brilliant and powerful release by the potent line-up of Rikk Agnew (Adolescents, Christian Death) Paul Roessler (Screamers, 45 Grave), Deb Venom (A Bleeding Sky) and led by the amazing Gitane Demone (Christian Death, The Crystelles). After a string of blistering performances in the Los Angeles area the band has now made a full-length recording. With such talent behind this project the expectations were high and the band delivers a solid and memorable collection of songs. Starting out with a pulsing beat right off of a Suicide record a beautiful and haunting piano enters and is joined by three repeating notes. Gitane adds her forceful voice on top and the song begins to soar. The song “Man Made God” is an impressive opener but the Quartet does not dwell on similar themes. The title track starts with what might be a jazzy piano but is then underlined by a tumbling industrial beat. The song “Lorca” seems to be dripping with evil incarnate. The record continues with several musical surprises from the tootie happiness of “Standard Upright” to a crushing version of the Screamers’ “Eva Braun”. Is it goth? Is it industrial? Is it punk rock? This music is something wholly other than those. It is fresh yet aged. It is pulverizing and delicate. It is four outstanding musicians bringing all of the music they’ve ever stored in their heads together and creating something that may sound like a lot of different things and yet sounds like none of them.The cd includes a cover of Suicide’s “Ghost Rider” as a bonus track. Fans of the member’s past work will be delighted with this release and the music deserves to be heard by new ears as well. "

 There are a lot of known variables tot he members of the GITANE DEMONE QUARTET.The precision-punk chording of RIKK AGNEW (Adolescents / Christian Death / Social Distortion).The dexterous textured and sophisticated keyboard work of Paul Roessler (The Screamers / 45 Grave / Nina Hagen Bbnd).The nimble and persuasive percussion electronics of DEB VENOM (Aunty Trust). And the fore, the voice like no other, the darkly compelling and poetic wailing of GITANE DEMONE (Christian Death / The Crystelles).

Together they generate a unique sound seeming with vitality andrich in imagination thar far outstrips the sum of ist parts. Flirting with the most aggressive and surreal elements of each of their past projects, the GITANE DEMONE QUARTET stirs a violent cauldron that splashes out far beyond parameters of any genre expected of them.

They haunt. They rock. They love. 

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