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label: ColdTransmission; Januar 2021 ; file: Dark Synthwave   label-info:... mehr
Produktinformationen "DEAD ASTRONAUTS - Silhouettes"

label: ColdTransmission; Januar 2021 ; file: Dark Synthwave


Dead Astronauts are one of the leading acts in the Synthwave & Synthpop scenes, blending the lines of Darkwave,
Goth and Post-Punk. Previously composed of two members, Jared Kyle and Hayley Stewart, Hayley left to focus on
her solo work (Mecha Maiko) and Dead Astronauts was reformed. Florence Bullock then took on the female lead,
replacing Hayley in 2019. As a silent member and Record Producer, Slade Templeton (of Crying Vessel, Influx Studios)
stepped in to help bring their new sound to life in 2019 and 2020 and round out the band. Dead Astronauts have
regrouped and reworked the style they were known for, to become something modern, edgy, new and improved.


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