NORDVARGR - Tantum Melior

NORDVARGR - Tantum Melior
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label: Cyclic Law, May 2019 After the success of 2018’s ”Metempsychosis” album, Nordvargr´s... mehr
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label: Cyclic Law, May 2019

After the success of 2018’s ”Metempsychosis” album, Nordvargr´s most song based recordings

ever, we asked close friends and collaborators to create their own interpretations of songs from

the album. The result is an interesting blend of styles and methods that expands the Nordvargr

universe even further. With exclusive reworks by MZ. 412, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Vassafor,

Visions, Kristoffer Oustad, Spetsnaz, Michael Idehall, Thorofon and The Benjolin Codex, the

spirit of "Metempsychosis" mutates splendidly into new and unexpected territories.

Artwork by Dehn Sora.



01 Into the Cycle of All and Nothing (MZ. 412 - Rework)

02 Sweet Death Triumphant (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Rework)

03 At the Crossroads of Immortality (Vassafor - Rework)

04 Invocation for a malignant Spirit (Visions Rework)

05 Sweet Death Triumphant (Kristoffer Oustad Rework)

06 Salve Teragmon (Spetsnaz Rework)

07 Manifestation (Michael Idehall - Rework)

08 Sweet Death Triumphant (Thorofon Rework)

09 Consolamentum (The Benjolin Codex - Rework)

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