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label: Ant-Zen, September 2017 ; neues studioalbum label-info: fourth full length album by... mehr
Produktinformationen "GENEVIEVE PASQUIER - Louche Effect"

label: Ant-Zen, September 2017 ; neues studioalbum


fourth full length album by the german noise chanteuse geneviéve pasquier - an imaginary arena where avant-garde, pop and industrial ingredients intermix in the most peculiar way like a milky oil-in-water emulsion. the thirteen atmospheric, captivating compositions build the foundation for easily understood and utterly incomprehensible thematic symbolism between bleak shadows ('apesanteur', 'dirty blue') and enjoyable brightness ('gin tonic'). 'louche effect' digs different stylistic gardens and shows the eccentric femme fatale at ease with a wide spectrum of sounds and subjects. it's sonic span ranges from highly dosed dark electro avant-pop with hooked new romantic melody lines and primordial neo-noir post industrial dreamscapes to eerily haunting chansons with deep ethereal lounge and downtempo elements. geneviéve's fragile, persuasive and sometimes highly modulated voice is carried by a wealth of electronic spheres stabilized with most different structures and dubious shady beats. this album significantly shows geneviéve pasquier's evolution in composition, interpretation and sound mastering. an intriguing, elegant and seducing sonic wallpaper, fluctuating from tender-hearted noblesse to adroit virtuosity and speaking to listeners' feelings between positive affirmation and dark layers of melancholy. regarde le bulles dancer - watch the bubbles dancing!

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