VHRIL (feat. John Murphy) - Vortex Psysynthesis

VHRIL (feat. John Murphy) - Vortex Psysynthesis
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label: OldCaptain, 2016, lim 250 copies ; collaboration project between Ulex Xane (STREICHER)... mehr
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label: OldCaptain, 2016, lim 250 copies ; collaboration project between Ulex Xane (STREICHER) and John Murphy (DIJ/KRANG...) from 1993 ; file: Minimal-Ritual Music

In the name of Ulex, in loving memory of John, here comes Vhril! Vhril began life as Ulex Xane's (Streicher, Zero Cabal fame) own solo project in 1991. He and John Murphy (rip) had been friends since the early 1980's and had long wanted to do some duo recordings together contributing to each other's projects on several occasions and playing live together. John became interested in the Vhril concept when Ulex had told him about its occult associations exploring Thulean esoteric paths and Vril energies in a ritual setting. Together they would record material during extended sessions/meditations and assemble it into specific tracks later: John often brought tapes of material he'd recorded elsewhere to be used as a basis to add other sounds in Ulex's studio. Later on when John went up to Sydney again he took the Vhril idea with him and morphed it into his Shining Vril project (but that's another story, folks). In the vein of Ain Soph or Zero Kama, the present "Vortex Psysynthesis" record, originally released via Zero Cabal in 1992 as a limited tape, commemorates the dawn of early sparse and minimal ritual style music, using John's tapes, bells and percussion and Ulex's field recordings, clay percussion and electronics.

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