BISCLAVERET - In Hortis ...Aegri Somnia

BISCLAVERET - In Hortis ...Aegri Somnia
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label: Dark Vinyl ; Dezember 201 5 ; 3-panel ecopack, lim 300 copies ; file: Ritual Ambient... mehr
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label: Dark Vinyl ; Dezember 201 5 ; 3-panel ecopack, lim 300 copies ; file: Ritual Ambient

ritual / funeral ambient recordings from their more darker beginnings , for all fans who are familiar with bands like PROFANE GRACE ("A Cast in the Mold.."...) or early CURRENT93 ("Nature Unveiled / Dogs Blood rising")......

On its 15th anniversary, Bisclaveret has gathered a special compilation collecting early recordings, lifted mainly from their first CDR releases"Aegri Somnia" and "In Hortis", but also adding a few individual songs from their concert album "Er Roud El Aater fi Nezaha El Khater" and a number of rarities: versions and unreleased songs. The whole material has been designed in such a way that it creates a coherent album. The material has been re-mastered by Łukasz Miernik (often appearing live with Bisclaveret), who is also responsible for the sound of the last disc "Theu Anagnosis".

 "In Hortis... Aegri Somnia" is a summary of the early activities of the group, a reminder of archival recordings that, although they differ stylistically from what the band is performing today, show what the evolution of Bisclaveret sound looked like. The evolution of the band which has been firmly rooted in the ambient scene since its very beginning.

6-page ecopak strictly limited to 300 copies.

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