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label: Strobelight, April 2015 ; file: Post-Punk / Goth label-info: Ruins is the long... mehr
Produktinformationen "THE LAST DANCE - Ruins"

label: Strobelight, April 2015 ; file: Post-Punk / Goth


Ruins is the long awaited new release from the influential dark rock band The Last Dance. Notable for

their dynamic live performances, superb musicianship, and a charismatic presence that favours

substance over glamour and gimmicks, The Last Dance burst onto the international underground music


scene in the mid 1990’s and quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

The veteran band, which consists of founding members guitarist Rick Joyce, vocalist Jeff Diehm,

longtime bassist Peter J. Gorritz and Tom Coyne on drums, has always been critically acclaimed and

appreciated by core fans and those lucky enough to catch one of their live performances. Nevertheless,


they’ve flown somewhat under the radar as far as large-scale success and notoriety are concerned,


especially during those years when "live" bands who were not primarily electronic or dance club oriented

were not particularly in vogue in the underground & alternative music scene.

With Ruins, the band’s longtime label Mystine Records in conjunction with Strobelight Records hope to

give those who may have missed them in the past another opportunity to experience the unique energy

and enigmatic sound of The Last Dance. With many of the current crop of young goth and alternative

bands being influenced by punk and metal, the TLD sound is fresher than ever. It starts with an

aggressive core of soaring guitars, passionate vocals and a relentless driving rhythm section and adds

additional instrumentation or electronic flourishes as needed for variety and "spice", but always remains

true to the original post-punk spirit and influences that first brought these superb musicians together.

The old saying "what goes around, comes around" is as true as ever and The Last Dance are ready to


bring the new release Ruins and their unique brand of dark rock to the world stage, so that listeners can

once again "Experience The Last Dance"!

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