DARK AWAKE - Anunnaki

DARK AWAKE - Anunnaki
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label: In the Morningside , Dez.2014; label-info: "ANUNNAKI" is DARK AWAKE 4th full length... mehr
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label: In the Morningside , Dez.2014;


"ANUNNAKI" is DARK AWAKE 4th full length album,an esoteric mystical and spiritual music that
must be felt not just heard.There are dark ambient parts without of earth instrumentation,
that lead to powerfull martial industrial parts that inspire war and dominion.
An abysmal orchestration that will send your soul to places beyond.
Dark Awake 's brand new opus takes inspiration from the ancient gods of Mesopotamia, Anunnaki.
Anunnaki are a race of superhumanly powerful humanoid beings
who were once worshipped by several of the tribes and cultures of Mesopotamia,
particularly the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians,
from about 4000 BC during the rise of human civilization to 1500 BC
when their worship was replaced by other religions.
Nibiru, the 12th Planet,are the home of the Anunnaki (the Nefilhim), the red star/comet.
From a Land beyond the stars, Nibiru appeared to the ancients.
It was called the 12th Planet by the ancient Sumerians because it is a member of our solar system
(ancients included the Moon and Sun as planets). However,
unlike the other planets in our solar system, which are in a singular orbit around the sun,
Nibiru is in a binary orbit between two suns: our sun and another cold, unlit sun far out in our galaxy,
making its orbit eliptical. Nibiru returns to our solar system approximately every 3,600 years (1 Shar).
A half a million years ago, Tiamat (Earth) was not located in Space where it is today.
It orbited farther out from the Sun, in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
Mars was orbiting at a distance much closer to the Sun than now and was quite habitable,
with a temperate climate and liquid water. This fact has been verified numerous times by NASA
and other scientific groups. What those groups do not acknowledge
is the fact that Mars had a different orbital pattern than today.
Then, too, Tiamat's system was closer to the Star Sirius (or Sothis, as the ancient Egyptians called it).
This solar system and the Sirian planetary system are part of a unit. The two systems are gravitationally connected to one another,
a new fact that is now beginning to gain widespread consensus from the scientific community. Our "Sirian Regional System"
as a unit revolves around the Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiades Cluster, which might be termed "the Pleiades Quadrant".
This greater sector revolves around the Galactic Center, in the direction of the Stars of Sagittarius, once every 200,000,000 years or so.
What is so significant about our present-day epoch is that certain great cycles relating to orbital alignments within the Pleiades Quadrant and between this Quadrant
and the Galactic Center are starting to repeat themselves. The Mayans of mesoamerica also acknowledged this. And put it into their ancient calandar.
Which in fact their Great Cycle ends on December 21st 2012! NIBIRU's 3,600 Earth year orbit is known for causing catastrophic events on our planet.
The Deluge, the ancient flood of Egypt. The Sumerian Creation Myth and the Magan text of the Necronomicon tell of the war between Tiamat and Marduk/Nibiru.
The two massive planets collided. Breaking Tiamat in half (the other half turned into what is now called the Asteriod Belt or The Abode of Heaven),
and knocking the Earth into its new current orbit around the sun, leaving Tiamat with just one moon, Kingu.
It is said it was then that the Anunnaki came to Earth and took over the lands. Mining for gold to use for energy. They built the pyramids of Iraq, Egypt, Mexico, and Central America
to use as Control Centers for their space stations. They took Tiamat's native neanderthal man and mix them with their own DNA to make
what are known as modern day humans. To use as slaves and to breed like sheep. The Anunnaki are still out there. And they will make their return soon...
The absolute masterpiece of dark music.
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