DAVID HARROW - The Succession

DAVID HARROW - The Succession
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label: Klanggalerie, Januar 2014 File: New Wave / Peter Hope / The Box... mehr
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label: Klanggalerie, Januar 2014

File: New Wave / Peter Hope / The Box
David harrow is a producer, remixer and recording artist that has been active for over 20 years.
Over his career he has worked with peaple like ANNE CLARK (with whom he recorded classic tracks as "sleeper in metropolis"), THE BOX singer Peter Hope, Psychic TV, Jah Wobble, Adrian sherwood, Dub maestro Lee Scratch perry or Pinkie Maclure.
In 1983 his first solo album came out, a Synth/New Wave classic called "The Succession" with Clock DVA`s Roger Quail on drums.
In addition to this, this re-issue also feature his collaborations "Sufferhead" with Peter Hope and "Bite the Hands that Feeds you" with Pinkie Macluse and some other tracks.
Without Sin
Driving Force
Our Little Girl
Here Kick
Still Optimistic
Our Little Girl (12” Mix)
No Easy Targets
Complete Control (Night-Time Sleaze)
Too Hot
Buckle Down
(Excerpt From) Bright Boys
Snakes Washed In
Bite The Hand That Feeds You
Don’t You Go
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