LUSTMORD - Heresy (The Sixtystone Edition)

LUSTMORD - Heresy (The Sixtystone Edition)
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label: Soleilmoon ; lim 333 copies ; handnummeriert und signiert ; aufwendige Steinverpackung ;... mehr
Produktinformationen "LUSTMORD - Heresy (The Sixtystone Edition)"
label: Soleilmoon ; lim 333 copies ; handnummeriert und signiert ; aufwendige Steinverpackung ;
enthält die HERESY CD (remastered) und die HERETIC CD

Double CD in stone box with inserts and trinkets

It’s not often that an album comes along that both initiates and defines a genre. When it was first released in 1990, “Heresy” caused an instant sensation, and it gave birth to–and defined–the Dark Ambient genre. The album has been hailed by critics and fans as one of the most important works of its time. Now, more than 20 years since its original release, and nearly 10 years since a remastered edition with updated packaging was issued, a third version, complete with a second disc, is being released in a limited edition of 333 signed and numbered copies.

“Heresy” was recorded in various subterranean locations and manipulated in the studio with Andrew Lagowski providing engineering and additional programming. It was the first Lustmord album to feature extensive sampling and comput- er assisted sound design. Recent improvements in sound technology have permitted Lustmord to re- master and improve on the original recordings for this third version.

“Heresy - The SIXTYSTONE Edition” celebrates the 22nd anniversary of the album. It consists of a newly remastered “Heresy” together with “Heretic”, a second disc of the early versions and alternate mixes that lead to “Heresy”. The CDs are packed in a carved soapstone box containing seven printed inserts. A small embroidered bag with three enamel pins, a sew-on cloth patch and a silicone “Hertic” wristband is included, and everything is kept together in a large enbroidered cloth bag. Each copy is hand numbered and signed by B. Lustmord.
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