ROEDELIUS - Wasser im Wind

ROEDELIUS - Wasser im Wind
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reissue, Juni 2011

Of all Roedelius solo works, this is the one most similar to Cluster. It sees Roedelius use a wide variety of musical and sonic ingredients hitherto associated with Cluster, almost as if he sought to erect a monument to the group. Right from the word go, the familiar sound of the Drummer One rhythm machine can be discerned on the opening track, then we hear those hand played, swirling keyboard patterns so typical of Roedelius; his drifting melodies, with no beginning or end, gone before one has barely recognized them; synthetic sounds recalling the heroic era of the mid-seventies; and occasional glimpses of the shadow of Dieter Moebius as sounds and forms emerge from his cosmos. Almost like Roedelius recorded a Cluster album all by himself!

Tracks: 01 Ruf aus der Ferne 02 Am Stadtrand 03 Zwei sind eins 04 Auf des Tigers Spur 05 Immergrün 06 Wasser im Wind 07 Kundmachung 08 Heilsamer Brunnen 09 Fenster im Schnee     
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