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label: Malaise , November 2010 ; Background Little is known about the... mehr
label: Malaise , November 2010 ;


Little is known about the history of Rise.  The recording is included on a cassette which also contains a full and exact copy of Come Organisation's Necrophilia, which was released during the second half of 1983,

Rise has the same raw feel as the first Premature Ejaculation recordings, especially A Little Hard To Swallow.It can be assumed that Rise was recorded sometime between the end of 1983 and the beginnig of 1987, and in our opinion it dates from the earlier period.

Track listing

Rise consists of 12 seperate tracks on side B of the cassette. It follows on from an copy of Come Organisation's Necrophilia cassette which occupies all of side A and the start of side B. Necrophilia is itself an exact copy of a recording made from a discussion on that subject which was broadcast on radio. Each track of the Rise recording is titled. Out of the 12 tracks on offer, 7 are a minute or less in length The first track, which is also the longest one on the album, has the effect of tuning in and out of various radio programmes. Rise incorporates the use of samples and as well as some very short solo recordings which were seemingly performed at home.


Not Receiving 8.47
Snakepit (Hide The hild) 0.51

Vacuum 3.48
Tunnels Turn To Walls 0.16
Reaching For Heaven 0.36
Bussiness As Usual 0.35
Vicious Circle 3.29

The Coming Of The Glory 0.28
Rise 0.45
Un... 3.18
(Not A) Laughing Matter 1.00
12.    On The Verge 6.13



The original cassette for Rise survives and is in the possession of Ron Marrs, the webmaster of Rozznet. Rozz Williams just used an unbranded cassette tape. A white circle with a cross has been added with a marker pen on side A of the cassette.


The original cassette sleeve for Rise survives and is also in the possession of Ron Marrs. The sleeve features a black and white image of an execution carried out by a soldier of the Imperial Japanese Army. The manner of the death was beheading by sword. The headsman is in the foreground, brandishing his weapon, while the decapitated head is displayed symbolically on the ground. A regiment of soldiers stand in the background. It is very likely that the photograph dates from The Rape of Nanking in December 1937.
The original cassette artwork was quite plain and grainy, and so we decided to darken the image and to focus on the central part of the photograph to give it a more dramatic effect for the cd release. The other side of the cassette sleeve contains Rozz Williams' handwritten track titles. Rozz mis-spelt Necrophilia as Necrophila, and has also mis-spelt one of the track titles, writing Bussiness as Usual rather than Business as Usual. Business as Usual is such a common term that we can only believe it is a simple mistake, and we have therefore decided to correct the spelling. 
We again chose to incorporate a barcode to the back cover in keeping with many previous Premature Ejaculation releases. Since the barcodes used by Rozz were purely decorative and served no other purpose, it was our intention to use a replica of the one on the 1989 issue of the Death Cultures cassette.
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