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label: Malaise, June 2010 Background: Despite being one of the most... mehr
Produktinformationen "ROZZ WILLIAMS / PREMATURE EJACULATION - Body of a Crow"
label: Malaise, June 2010


Despite being one of the most well-known releases in The Lost Recordings series, Body of a Crow has never before been commercially released. Often bootlegged in poor quality, first as simple cassette copies and later as a download on peer to peer file sharing sites, many myths and falsehoods have been built up since its manufacture in 1986. What can be confirmed is that this was the first release of Chuck Collison's Happiest Place on Earth label, which had been set up the previous year. The few cassettes that were made would have been given away to friends or sold privately to fans by Rozz or Chuck themselves. It was not otherwise available for purchase, and it is very rare indeed to come across an original copy of the cassette. Although the front cover artwork of the cassette has been circulated widely by fans and collectors, the track listing on the inside has never before been shown publically. It is because of this that there has been much confusion and debate about not only the correct track names, but also exactly how many different tracks there are. Without a doubt, Body of a Crow is the most accomplished and enjoyable release so far in the series and can be considered the turning point where Rozz started to turn all of his focus on his experimental recordings

Track listing:

 1.      the grind    /    2.      go (ahead)    /    3.      bloodied walls (time)    /    4.      revolution (the road    /    5.      fall (the wayside    /    6.      body    /    7.      alarm    /    8.      did the doctor give you a pill?     /    9.      excerpt #4    /    10.    sing it (frank)    /    11.    never say    /    12.    pain (a prayer for peter)    /    13.    one conflagration    /    14.    popeye    /    15.    force    /    16.    rope    /    17.    you can't kill kill    /    18.    film of a life    /    19.    defect    /    20.    poison    /    21.    very best    /    22.    excerpt #1    /    23.    sexual atelia    /    24.    dead beat    /    25.    excerpt 2&3    /    26.    no more (room)

 Body of a Crow consists of 26 separate tracks spread over two sides. There are 12 tracks on side A and 14 tracks on side B. Each track is titled. More than half the songs are very short, lasting less than 2 minutes. This creates a fast pace. Most of the tracks combine musical and spoken word samples.


Although original cassette sleeves for Body of a Crow must exist, we have not been able to source one. The artwork we have used is a direct copy made by Andreas Hofmann from Rozz's original cassette sleeve.  

The front cover artwork of the original cassette is very well known. It features two black and white photographs of a dead child in a morgue. One of the photographs is a side view and the other taken from above the corpse. Between these two images is the text: "To Those unknown and uncounted persons, prematurely deprived of life by malicious assault, and whose assassins have gone unpunished___". The cover also includes the name of the project and title of the cassette, as well confirming the year of production as 1986. 

The other side of the cassette sleeve is rather less well known, and Malaise Music have the great pleasure of revealing it publically for the very first time. It contains the 26 track titles and confirms that the cassette is "Brought to you by.... the happiest place on earth". Underneath this is written "WE JUST WANT YOU TO SEE THINGS AS CLEARLY AS  POSSIBLE",  which became an established slogan for the label. 

It was an easy decision to use the overhead photograph as the image on the front of the cd sleeve, along with 'the happiest place on earth: body of a crow'  underneath it.  The sideways photograph and the accompanying text also fits perfectly for the back cover artwork. 

The only remaining task was to alter the track listing details slightly since the original split the tracks betwen side A and side B of the cassette. Our release features all the tracks on a single cd and therefore we removed the reference to side A and side B from the track listing details. We also chose to correct the obvious typographical error in the track 'did the doctor give you a pill?' by placing the question mark at the end rather than in the middle of the title. 

We again chose to incorporate a barcode to the back cover in keeping with many previous Premature Ejaculation releases. Since the barcodes used by Rozz were purely decorative and served no other purpose, it was our intention to use a replica of the one on the 1989 issue of the Death Cultures cassette.

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