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CatNr: SOL 167; UPC 753907786729 ;CD + double-sided DVD in gatefold folder celebrating... mehr
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CatNr: SOL 167; UPC 753907786729 ;CD + double-sided DVD in gatefold folder

celebrating a quarter century of UK ambient pioneers O Yuki Conjugate:
In October 1982 the youthful O Yuki Conjugate played their first gig at the now-defunct Newshouse pub in Nottingham, England to seven people and a dog. Three incarnations, seven albums and 25 years later all members past and present got together in a West London studio to record an album in an afternoon as a way of marking this unlikely anniversary. The result – lovingly remixed by producer Rob Jenkins – is OYC25, five tracks of post-industrial, fourth world-ish, dirty ambience. 

OYC25 finds the band in fine form, with an abundance of dub-like bass, micro processed rhythms and plangent pads. The package includes a full length DVD of live recordings and rare footage that offer a unique insight into the band’s history, together with a complete alternate mix of the album. The whole thing comes in a gatefold sleeve beautifully designed by Fitzroy&Finn and includes a specially commissioned essay on the band by Dr Philip Shaw, Senior Lecturer in English at Leicester University. 

NOTE: The DVD is a region-free double-sided disc with NTSC on one side and PAL on the other. It is fully compatible with all DVD players worldwide.
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